Drive Traffic to Your Site with Search Engine Optimization

Get ongoing traffic to your site by showing up in the organic (as opposed to pay-per-click or sponsored) search results. Statistics have shown that searchers more often click on the organic listings than paid–and they click on results on the first page far more than later pages. Of course, the higher your listing on the first page, the better.

Organic search engine optimization can complement your paid search marketing campaigns. You don’t have to choose one or the other. In fact, if you show up in both organic and paid results, you’ll have an even better chance of getting those searchers to your site.

I don’t claim to have a unique SEO process. It’s part common sense, part science and part creative. What I bring to the table is a unique background and the interest and desire to make your site work for you.

A good web site is a balancing act

Your site needs compelling web content that seamlessly houses effective key words and phrases. You need to create an artful balancing act: engage your audience and please the search robots without resorting to tricks that can backfire on you later.

Most search engine guides will tell you: please the user and make your site accessible. Get the straight scoop from Google right here. My interface design background and years of technical marketing writing bring a unique perspective to bear. You get marketing, copywriting, usability, and search engine know-how in a one-stop shop.

Hire someone who delivers

Most web teams are swamped with the daily work of producing and updating the site, adding new offers, new information on new products, working in new campaigns. I’ll work with your web producers and give you quality deliverables on time and within budget. Read some testimonials clients have written for me.

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