Lois Beggs, Pitt Ohio Express

We had designed software to capture data on types of claims, shippers, frequency, amounts, causes, etc. Because of the many variables involved in claims, the database became very cumbersome. The resistance from employees to use the software was very high and eventually led to noncompliance. Ellen got involved and saw a way to streamline the process, yet still allow us to gather pertinent information. She designed an interface that was very simple and extremely user friendly. Employees responded very positively to it and began using the software. As they became used to the software they explored more into its capabilities. Consequences of the interface have led to total conformance by the users, accurate and timely reports for our customers, and applicable information for corrective actions in operations. Ellen enabled us to easily hurdle resistance to change and exceed our customers expectations. Without her assistance, the software would be sitting in our system, untried and wasted. We would still be generating information for our customers manually.