Steve Sharrock, programmer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ellen on several projects over the past 8 years.  As a programmer, I’ve enjoyed implementing her outstanding UI-designs, and I’ve worked in teams where her management was essential to the successful completion of on-time and on-budget projects. The high level of user acceptance of projects with Ellen is always gratifying for the entire team. Ellen’s ability to deal with clients and upper-management is well appreciated by those who’ve worked with her. As an engineer, I have also enjoyed the insulation she provides from direct customer, and even upper-management conflicts, without keeping us isolated and out-of-the-loop. As an engineer, I also appreciate Ellen’s technical knowledge.  She has the ability to apply her experience from one development platform to another.  We’ve worked on projects that have ranged from client/server MAC applications to web-applications and web-site design. I’m looking forward to joining Ellen in future projects.