As I frequently bounce back and forth between writing and user interface design, I’ve organized quotes from various clients according to the type of work I’ve done.

About Writing and Search Engine Optimization

“Ellen was very easy to work with and provided our team with insight into best practices for SEO as well as actionable strategies to implement.” Marisa Ruffles, Marketing Programs Manager, Certent

“Ellen has been excellent as a “virtual” part of the marketing team at New Relic.  Over the past three years, Ellen has served as the “go-to expert” for all things SEO and her skill set is dynamic.  Ellen has been incredibly helpful in helping us with our SEO/content strategy, researching, site architecture, copywriting and reporting.  Ellen is incredibly reliable and very goal-driven.  I highly recommend Ellen as a part of any team.” Rafael Alenda, VP, Online & Brand Marketing, New Relic

“Ellen generates results for VMware. With her deep experience in search marketing, her focused efforts and consistent insights have helped drive natural search growth that more than doubled the rate of our traffic growth. Her ability to work effectively as part of the team has allowed us to succeed in critical deadlines and produce the highest quality content on our website. Ellen really gets VMware’s products and solutions and delivers copy and editing that helps to define our leadership position in the industry. I highly recommend Ellen and value her contribution to the company.” John Forrester, Director, Web Marketing, VMware

“Ellen was presented with the challenging task to improve our e-commerce site and enhance our web presence through search engine optimization. She immediately grasped our business needs and began to make improvements. She prepared a detailed analysis and a written report including keyword selection and optimized our top 25 pages. Our expectations were exceeded in every way. Ellen is an expert and her passion for business stands out. I am fortunate to have Ellen as part of our extended team and look forward to a continued relationship. ” Paul Goldman, CEO,

“Ellen has become a very valued virtual member of our web team, offering web copywriting, search engine optimization, site architectural guidance, and much, much more. She has been through several web site redesigns with WebEx, contributing to the architecture, user interface, marketing messages, page layouts, content management system implementation, actual web copy, and the organic search engine optimization on both a meta-tag and content level. Most recently, Ellen took the lead in creating personas for use not just by our web team but eventually the full marketing organization. Our first test run at implementing the changes suggested by the personas with content written by Ellen resulted in a 384% improvement in our conversion rate for that product!  I look forward to seeing what she’ll be doing next for us… ” Patrick Moran, Director of Strategic Marketing, WebEx

“WebEx was in a jam. We were in the process of redesigning our site and nearly 75% of it needed to be rewritten for optimization and copy consistency. Ellen quickly became our go-to person for everything from copy writing/editing and search engine optimization to UI consulting. Not only did Ellen help us launch on schedule, the pages and online programs she helped optimize experienced a dramatic increase in both leads and overall conversion rates. Ellen continues to play a crucial role in the success of and has gained praise throughout the marketing organization for her intelligence, teamwork and ability to over-deliver every time.” Paul Fehrnstrom, Senior Web Producer, WebEx

“Ellen’s web content copywriting was instrumental in the success of our recent campaign to dramatically increase online conversion rates. Her can-do attitude and ability to work with people across the organization has been invaluable. She delivers powerful and clear online copy that communicates with our customer base. From landing pages to site architecture, her skills have greatly enhanced the ability of our web team to produce and deliver a high quality site.” Sindy Braun, Director of Web Marketing, WebEx

“Ellen Ferlazzo is one of the most professional copywriters I have worked with. Here at, we have a pool of over 500 freelance writers from which to pull and Ellen is one of the few writers who we consistently use. She is professional, talented and efficient. She is one of those wonderful writers who can create valuable content with very little direction, or very specific parameters. Such versatility and timeliness has been instrumental in our success as an online publisher. I would work with Ellen any day of the week and recommend her to anyone looking for quality content delivered in a timely fashion with utmost professionalism.” – Blair M. Stephens, LifeTips

“Ellen, thank you so much for all of your help with our product documentation — it was refreshing to work with someone with your years of experience and professionalism. Many thanks as well for your help with Microsoft Word formatting issues! It is not often that one finds a technical writer so willing to make mainstream tools like this work.” Tim Nufire, MailFrontier

“Ellen was an incredible help in getting the AltoWeb documentation suite ready for release–we couldn’t have done it without her! Her suggestions and observations helped us to consistently upgrade the quality and content of both the information and presentation. Ellen pitched in as a technical writer to help with both online and printed docs, drawing on her UI expertise to help us improve the end-user experience. She was self-directed, reliable, resourceful, and unflappable in the face of release chaos. I look forward to working with her again in the future.” Jane McKean, Documentation Manager, AltoWeb, Inc.

“You did an excellent job pulling out the key messages/data from our long brain dump meeting as well as some of the docs that I sent.” Jon Shalowitz, NetScreen Technologies.

User Interface Quotes

Ellen produced an extremely elegant, simple and useful web-based UI for a large, complicated event tracking system under development for a government client of Bear River. She was handed a very large and unorganized set of client requirements documentation for this project and quickly made sense of it all. I had the great pleasure of working very closely with Ellen in numerous meetings and reviews and could not have been happier with not only the final product that she produced, but also with the working relationship that Ellen and I developed over the course of this project. The UI design that Ellen produced for us not only was overwhelmingly approved by our client, but served the basis for the engineering teams development work that saved us countless hours. I look forward to working with Ellen in the future as our needs arise. – Paul Wise, Bear River Associates.

Ellen is a pleasure to work with – she combines a flair for visual design with a flexible approach and impressive work ethic. John Sullivan, VA Software.

Thank you for your contributions with the development of the data entry application and reports for Pitt Ohio Express. Your management of the process of measuring driver and customer productivity and performance is valued. You worked diligently and presented a good program. You were easy to deal with and made every effort to resolve problems that were encountered along the way. Your hard work and efforts on the project are appreciated .Charles L. Hammel, III, President, Pitt Ohio Express.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ellen on several projects over the past 8 years.  As a programmer, I’ve enjoyed implementing her outstanding UI-designs, and I’ve worked in teams where her management was essential to the successful completion of on-time and on-budget projects. The high level of user acceptance of projects with Ellen is always gratifying for the entire team. Ellen’s ability to deal with clients and upper-management is well appreciated by those who’ve worked with her. As an engineer, I have also enjoyed the insulation she provides from direct customer, and even upper-management conflicts, without keeping us isolated and out-of-the-loop. As an engineer, I also appreciate Ellen’s technical knowledge.  She has the ability to apply her experience from one development platform to another.  We’ve worked on projects that have ranged from client/server MAC applications to web-applications and web-site design. I’m looking forward to joining Ellen in future projects. Steve Sharrock

We had designed software to capture data on types of claims, shippers, frequency, amounts, causes, etc. Because of the many variables involved in claims, the database became very cumbersome. The resistance from employees to use the software was very high and eventually led to noncompliance. Ellen got involved and saw a way to streamline the process, yet still allow us to gather pertinent information. She designed an interface that was very simple and extremely user friendly. Employees responded very positively to it and began using the software. As they became used to the software they explored more into its capabilities. Consequences of the interface have led to total conformance by the users, accurate and timely reports for our customers, and applicable information for corrective actions in operations. Ellen enabled us to easily hurdle resistance to change and exceed our customers expectations. Without her assistance, the software would be sitting in our system, untried and wasted. We would still be generating information for our customers manually. Lois Beggs, Pitt Ohio Express.

I have had the opportunity to work with Ellen on various projects from user interface design and creating marketing requirement documents (MRDs), to market research, beta testing and many other marketing related programs.  Ellen is not only a professional in the way she manages a project, but is one of those rare “realists” who seem to be able to estimate a project and the time it will take, and typically delivers on schedule or ahead of schedule.   I thoroughly enjoy working with Ellen not only because I can count on the results I am looking for, but she is a pleasure to work with.  She is someone who understands the process of listening to the clients needs and understanding them, before trying to present a proposed resolution or her opinion. Craig Harper, Director of Marketing, Ixla USA, Inc. 

I have worked with Ellen for over 2 years. During that time I found her to be an able project manager, with an excellent understanding of the software development life cycle and the value of proper discipline, documentation, and client management. She has excellent UI design skills and is both practical, and user-focused in her design efforts. I look forward to an opportunity to work with her again. Steven Archibald, Steven Archibald Consulting Corporation.

We’re getting tremendous compliments! Thanks for your hard work! I am very pleased with your work. Doug Sleeter, The Sleeter Group